Day Programs

Kaleidoscope provides a variety of community programs for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in communities in Northwest Georgia. These programs provide a safe and interactive environment for individuals and include transportation to and from the program site if needed. Individuals participate in group outings in the community and learn or enhance independent living skills.

What day programs provide

• Prevocational and supported employment
• Social and community involvement
• Education and learning
• Recreational activities
• Community living support
• Meals and transportation

Who day programs are for

Day program services assist individuals with a broad range of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Generally, the programs are targeted to individuals who are eligible for services through Kaleidoscope, including individuals who:

• Have been diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability since birth or before age 18
• Have been diagnosed with an other intellectual disability since birth or before age 22 and deemed eligible for services
• Are at risk for being placed in an institution for individuals for with intellectual disabilities if they do not receive services to help them live in the community


For more information, call Highland Rivers Health’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities services at (706) 295-6425 or one of the program locations listed below.

Kaleidoscope Cedartown Day Program
424 N. Main St. (One Door Polk); Cedartown, Georgia 30125
Phone: (770) 749‐2229 ext. 3201
Kaleidoscope Dalton Day Program
2615 Cleveland Highway; Dalton, Georgia 30721
Phone: (706) 270‐5060 ext. 1216