Family Support Services

Family Support Services help support families with a family member that has an intellectual or developmental disability until that family member is able or chooses to live independently. Services help families meet the many needs of the individual with a disability, minimizing the need and cost of out-of-home placement while enhancing quality of life for all family members.

Download the Family Support Services Application here
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What Family Supports Services provide


Who Family Support Services are for

Family Support Services support families who have a family member with an intellectual and/or developmental disability. Generally, services support families with individuals who are eligible for services through the Kaleidoscope program, including individuals who:

  • Have been diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability since birth or before age 18
  • Have been diagnosed with another intellectual disability since birth or before age 22 and deemed eligible for services
  • Are at risk for being placed in an institution for individuals for with intellectual disabilities if they do not receive services to help them live in the community



For more information, call Highland Rivers Health’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities services at (706) 295-6425.