Crisis Stabilization and Detoxification

Serving all counties in Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Region 1

Crisis stabilization services are a first-line alternative to hospitalization in state hospitals, providing psychiatric stabilization and detoxification for adults age 18 and over on a short-term basis. Highland Rivers has three crisis stabilization units (CSUs) that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as emergency receiving and evaluation facilities. The CSUs are available to residents of all 12 counties Highland Rivers serves.

CSUs are not medical hospitals and do not have the capacity or staff to provide medical services found in hospitals. Individuals referred to a CSU receive diagnostic evaluation by a treatment team that includes a physician, registered nurse and professional counselor. If the evaluation finds treatment is needed, an individual can be admitted to the CSU on a voluntary or involuntary basis. The maximum length of stay for an involuntary admission is eight days.

If admission to the CSU is not needed, an individual will be referred to the appropriate level of care (for example, to an acute care facility for medical intervention, a regional state hospital, private provider or to a Highland Rivers outpatient program).

What a CSU provides

Psychiatric medical evaluation
• Medically monitored crisis support and intervention
• Psychiatric stabilization
• Substance detoxification
• 24-hour nursing care
• Daily physician assessments
• Medication stabilization, monitoring, administration and education
• Individual, group and family counseling
• Education (HIV risk reduction, stress/anger management, coping, etc.)
• Discharge/aftercare planning and referral
• AA and other 12-step programs

Who CSU Services are for

The Crisis Stabilization Units serve adults 18 and over who are in acute crisis due to:
• Severe and persistent mental illness
• Substance use, abuse or addiction
• Co-occurring mental health and substance related disorders


Floyd CSUFloyd Crisis Unit
Phone: (706) 314-0019
Fax: (706) 314-0343
Address: 1 Woodbine Ave., Rome, Georgia 30165


Polk CSUPolk Residential Treatment Unit
Phone: (770) 748-0030
Fax: (770) 748-4418
Address: 180 Water Oak Drive, Cedartown, Georgia 30125


Whitfiled CSUWhitfield Treatment Services
Phone: (706) 270-5107
Fax: (706) 270-5102
Address: 900 Shugart Road, Dalton, Georgia 30720


Contact and Referral

To make a referral to a Highland Rivers CSU, contact Behavioral Health Link (BHL) at (800) 715-4225. BHL will facilitate appropriate placement in the closest CSU with an available bed in the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) Region I area. Please call the CSUs anytime for more information about referrals or to speak to medical staff.

• Hospitals referring individuals to a CSU from the emergency department or a medical floor must send a copy of the discharge note or EMTALA transfer form signed by the treating physician stating that the consumer is medically stable upon referral to the CSU.

• Individuals referred to a CSU should arrive within a reasonable time (generally six hours or less) to ensure the admission process is not delayed for other potential consumers. Please notify the CSU of any circumstances that would prevent an individual from arriving within six hours of referral.

• The medical decision for CSU admission is the responsibility of the attending psychiatrist who will determine whether the individual is medically stable and clinically appropriate for this level of care.