Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Program helps people who are receiving services from Highland Rivers Health for severe mental health problems, substance abuse or addiction find jobs they like and will be good at. We believe everyone recovering from mental health issues or substance abuse is able to work at a good job – if the right job and work environment can be found for them.

The program is open to anyone who wants to work – even if you have had mental health problems, have been fired from jobs, or used drugs in the past. We can also help you if you have been hospitalized for mental health or substance abuse, if you have a disability, are homeless, or have been in jail or prison.

The Supported Employment program team helps you find a job based on your strengths and preferences – what you are good at and what type of job and workplace you think would be a good fit for you. How long it takes to find the right job for you depends on many things – but we help you no matter how long it takes.

What the Supported Employment program provides

An individual job profile based on strengths, experience and preferences
• Rapid job search
• Creating a resume
• Building interview skills
• Help filling out job applications
• Personalized benefits counseling
• Contacting potential employers (if needed)
• Onsite job coaching
• Coordination with treating clinician
• Other support as needed

Who the program is for

The Supported Employment Program will help anyone in recovery who wants to work including individuals:
• Receiving treatment at Highland Rivers for mental illness, substance abuse or addiction
• Fired from jobs in the past for mental illness or substance abuse
• Hospitalized in the past for mental illness or addiction
• Have been in jail or prison
• Disabled
• Homeless


Persons receiving services from Highland Rivers Health who want to work must be referred to the Supported Employment Program by their clinician. If you are in recovery and want to work, ask your clinician to refer you to the program.