Referral to a CME


There are two Care Management Entities (CME) that serve the State of Georgia, Lookout Mountain CME and ViewPoint Health CME. Parents can choose either. The CMEs serve ages 6-21, but serve ages 22-25 through the Summit Program.

The Care Management Entity coordinates care for youth with complex behavioral health challenges and who are involved with multiple systems. If the youth meets criteria to receive supports through a CME then the CME will assess and determine the intensity of supports necessary to meet the needs of the youth and family.

At the end of the application process, the parent will be asked to choose the CME that they want to work with. The referral will then be sent to the CME of their choice.

To make a referral, go to and click on “Referrals” at the top of the page on the left. Then, click on “CME Referrals (Ages 6-21).” If a referral is being made to the Summit Program, click on “Summit Referrals (Ages 22-25).”