Residential Services

Highland Rivers Health provides a variety of residential services and living supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, based on individual needs, abilities and health conditions. Community Living Arrangements (group homes) are available in Cherokee, Floyd and Murray counties, while other residential services are available in every county served by Highland Rivers.

Residential living options

Host Homes

Host Homes are private home in which the owner (or adult head of the household) allows one or two individuals with developmental disabilities to live as members of the household. In some Host Homes, an individual with a disability may live with another single adult or couple, while in others the individual may live with an entire family. A Host Home not only provides a place for an individual to live, but also provides a family-oriented supportive environment that allows the individual to grow, develop and participate in every day community life.

Visit the Referral Forms page for an application to become a Host Home provider, or download the form here.

Community Living Arrangement (CLA)

Community Living Arrangement homes are sometimes referred to as group homes. CLA homes house up to four individuals in an environment that allows them to share life experiences with their peers and become part of the community. Community Living Arrangements are staffed around-the-clock, with guidance and support available at all times.

Community Living Supports (CLS)

Community Living Supports are individually tailored supports that assist with the development, retention, or improvement of skills related to an individual’s continued residence in his or her (or family) home.

Respite Services

Respite Services offer temporary care for an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability to provide family members and/or primary caregivers needed relief from care-giving responsibilities. Respite services can be delivered in the family’s home or another suitable location, and for various lengths of time (including overnight), depending on the individual’s and family’s needs and preferences. Highland Rivers maintains a registry of respite care providers to assist families in choosing one that best meets their needs.

Community Access Services (CAS)

Community Access Services assist individuals in developing, maintaining or improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills needed for active community participation and independent functioning outside their home. CAS may include training in daily living skills (including leisure/recreation skills), communication, mobility, reducing inappropriate and/or maladaptive behaviors, and the use of common community resources.


For more information about residential options, call Highland Rivers Health’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities services at (706) 270-5050.