Seven Challenges

Available in Cherokee, Floyd, Polk and Whitfield counties

The Seven Challenges® program is specifically designed to help adolescents with drug or alcohol problems commit to changing – and to support them in making those changes successfully. The program helps young people address substance use issues, psychological problems and situational challenges while also building life skills. Seven Challenges is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for helping young people address their substance abuse issues successfully.

Seven Challenges creates an open environment that emphasizes mutual respect and allows youth to talk openly and honestly about themselves. Participants are encouraged to think through decisions about their lives and their reasons for using alcohol and other drugs, what harm they are causing, what risks they are taking and what changing involves. The program teaches youth to identify and work on the issues that are most relevant to them. Seven Challenges raises consciousness and hope, and motivates informed, sincere decisions to change. Once individuals make a decision to change, the program provides tools and support to help them succeed.

Seven Challenges is available in Cherokee County, Floyd County, Polk County and Whitfield County.

Enrollment requirements
Youth participating in the Seven Challenges program must have a mild, moderate or severe substance abuse issue. In addition, all participants:
• Must see a doctor once a year unless they are already receiving medication from a doctor
• Must see a nurse every six months
• Must have TB (tuberculosis) and RPR (rapid plasma regain) tests before entering program


To schedule an intake assessment for the Seven Challenges program, call: (800) 729-5700.