Specialized Supplies and Equipment

Highland Rivers Health can help individuals in need of specialized medical devices and adaptation supports identify resources for obtaining needed supplies, equipment and training. These materials include various things that help individuals live more independently, enhance quality of life and reduce dependence on physical support from others.

Specialized Medical Supplies (SMS)

Specialized Medical Supplies (SMS) may include such things as food supplements, special clothing, diapers, bed wetting protective pads, and other supplies that are specified in the Individual Service Plan (ISP) but are not available under the Medicaid State Plan.

Specialized Medical Equipment (SME)

Specialized Medical Equipment (SME) generally includes things that help enhance mobility, security and safety, and independent living, such as wheelchairs, locks, door openers and side layers. SME services include assessment or training to assist individuals with mobility, seating, bathing, transferring, security, or other skills needed to use the equipment safely and effectively.

Vehicle Adaptation Services (VAS)

Vehicle Adaptation Services include various adaptations and technical assistance to vehicles owned by an individual or his or her family, such as wheelchair lifts, hand controls, steering devices, swivel seats and other adaptations that allow individuals to enter and exit, operate or ride in vehicles safely.

Environmental Accessibility Adaptation Services (EAAS)

Environmental Accessibility Adaptation Services include adaptations and technical assistance to a private residence owned by an individual or his or her family, such as wheelchair ramps, grab bars, modifications to kitchens or bathrooms, floor coverings, alarm and notification systems, and similar adaptations to enhance independent functioning and safety.


For more information about specialized medical supplies and adaptation services, call Highland Rivers Health’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities services at (706) 270-5050.