Supported Employment

A service of Kaleidoscope Supported Employment Program helps individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities find and keep a job in their community, earning at least minimum wage. The Supported Employment team assesses each individual’s unique strengths, abilities, interests and preferences, and partners with local employers to identify unmet needs that might be a match.

Once a job need has been identified in the community, the Supported Employment team provides the individual with skills training, job coaching and transportation to and from the worksite. Other training includes how to manage finances, appropriate dress and hygiene, and effective communication to ensure success on the job.

What the Supported Employment program provides

Prevocational and work-readiness training
• Individual assessment of strengths, skills, experience and preferences
• Individual job profile
• Rapid job search
• Resume assistance
• Interview skills training
• Job application assistance
• Personalized benefits counseling
• Contacting potential employers
• Transportation to and from the worksite
• Onsite job coaching
• Coordination with other services
• Other support as needed

Who the Supported Employment program is for

Supported Employment program services assist individuals with a broad range of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Generally, the program is targeted to individuals who are eligible for services through Kaleidoscope, including individuals who:

• Have been diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability since birth or before age 18
• Have been diagnosed with an other intellectual disability since birth or before age 22 and deemed eligible for services
• Are at risk for being placed in an institution for individuals for with intellectual disabilities if they do not receive services to help them live in the community


For more information about the Supported Employment program, call Highland Rivers Health’s Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities services at (706) 270-5050.