System Of Care

A system of care is a network of community-based agencies, programs and services who partner with adults, youth and families to coordinate care for individuals who have serious emotional challenges. Individuals may be involved with multiple agencies, may not have responded well to past treatment and may have complex needs.

A system of care will ensure that multiple services and supports are individualized and are working together in an integrated, coordinated, and therapeutic manner that build on the strengths of those receiving services to provide the best opportunities for success. All aspects of a system of care are guided by the needs of those receiving services, meaning that individuals, families and youth decide what types of services and supports are needed to best meet their changing needs - and agencies partner with the family to deliver those services.

A system of care recognizes the importance of the community, family and school, and promotes the full potential of every individual by addressing his or her physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and social needs. This helps adults, children and families function better at home, school, in the community and throughout life.

Learn more about system of care, local interagency planning teams (LIPT) and resources for youth, families, and community partners and providers below.

Resources for Local Interagency Planning Teams

For more information about local interagency planning teams (LIPT) and resources, contact Highland Rivers Health:
Donna Robbins, phone: (770) 547-7110, email:
Levurne Batts, phone: (678) 451-6341, email:


Additional Resources for Families and Youth