Women’s Outreach Residential Treatment Program

The Women’s Outreach program offers hope, love and assistance for women in recovery by removing substance abuse as a barrier to employment and living in the community. The Women’s Outreach program includes both residential and intensive outpatient services that address risk factors for relapse. Services support women in achieving abstinence, maintaining recovery, avoiding illegal activity and meeting parenting responsibilities. The program also provides supports to help women obtain employment and transition into safe and stable housing.

The Women’s Outreach residential program serves women who need a safe and stable living environment in order to develop sufficient recovery skills. The average length of stay in the residential program is six to nine months. Children 13 or younger are allowed to stay with their mothers while they are in the residential treatment program, and therapeutic child care is available. Intensive outpatient treatment consists of an ongoing series of group sessions once a woman has successfully completed residential treatment.

What the Women’s Outreach program provides

Comprehensive assessments and resource coordination
• Individual, group and family counseling
• Substance abuse testing, treatment and education
• Relapse prevention and aftercare
• HIV testing and education
• Community support and transition
• Employment services (job readiness, training, matching and other support)
• GED preparation
• Therapeutic child care
• Anger and emotional management
• Transitional housing
• Co-occurring mental health treatment
• Case management
• Life skills training (self-care, parenting, healthy relationships)

Who the program is for

The Women’s Outreach program is for women with substance use or dependency who are pregnant, postpartum or parenting children age 13 and younger. Risk factors for treatment include women who:
• Meet the TANF needy families definition
• Have or had involvement with the criminal justice system
• Have an open child protective services case
• Have a history of substance use relapse
• Have a secondary medical or psychiatric disorder that can be safely managed in a substance abuse treatment environment


For more information about the Women’s Outreach program or to make a referral:
Phone: (706) 291-7201
Fax: (706) 291-7198
Address: 6 Mathis Drive, Rome, Georgia 30165